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Homegoing is set against the backdrop of the Gold Coast slave trade. Protagonists Efii and Esi, the two half-sisters, come from warring states in 18th century Ghana, the Ashantis and the Fantes.

The Ashanti Nation was a loose group of fiefdoms, an ethnic subgroup that was formed in 17th century Ghana as a trading coalition with the Europeans.

Slaves and slave holders on the Gold Coast: Towards an understanding of social bondage in West Africa [peter / Shaffer & Lovejoy haenger] on *FREE* shipping on.

By the time that Akwamu fell to Akim inmost of what is now the state of Ghana had switched to slave exportation. Comparative analysis of the gold and slave exports from the Gold Coast reveals the debilitating effects upon African society which were peculiar to the Atlantic slave.

This book is a much-needed contribution to the history of Atlantic slavery and early modern West Africa that uses Danish sources to great effect. It'd be useful for graduate students and professors in history as well as for undergraduate classes on the history of slavery or premodern by: Get this from a library.

Slaves and slave holders on the Gold Coast: towards an understanding of social bondage in West Africa. [Peter Haenger]. Request PDF | On Jan 1,Richard Rathbone and others published Slaves and Slave Holders on the Gold Coast: Towards an Understanding of Social Bondage in West GOLD AND SLAVES ON THE GOLD COAST book | Find, read and cite all.

Muskets with bayonets were never extensively used by soldiers of the Gold and Slave Coast states. The Dahomey king Ghezo seems to have thought highly of flintlock muskets with bayonets. FO 84'‘Facts relating to my second visit to Abomey’ (L.

Fraser, H.M. Vice Consul for the Kingdom of Dahomey), entry for 16 Aug. Cited by: A New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea: Divided Into the Gold, the Slave, and the Ivory Coasts. Containing a Geographical, Political and Natural History of the Kingdoms and 1/5(2).

Gold Coast Gold Coast, [Thomas Astley, ed., A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels (London, –47), vol. 2, pl between pp. and ]. Gold Coast is a former British colony in West Africa known today as the Republic of Ghana. In the transatlantic slave trade era, Europeans identified the region as the Gold Coast because of the large supplies of and market for gold.

This official mythology which was rooted in the belief that slavery and other forms of servitude in the Gold Coast were domestic or patriarchal in character and relatively benign in practice was, it is argued, simply an attempt to rationalize the retention of an institution which was essential to the operation of the system of legitimate trade in the nineteenth-century Gold by: the Gold Coast From to Collow was the second largest British slaving merchant on the Gold Coast, controlling about fifteen percent of the trade.

During this period his coastal agents and slave vessel captains purchased about 7, slaves on the Gold Coast, principally at Anomabu, and perhaps 1,   Here's the draft of what will apppear in the next edition. The Gold Coast Slave Trade.

The earliest Portuguese traders on the coast were seeking to outflank Europe’s traditional suppliers of gold from the region, the trans-Saharan caravans.

There was also a ready supply of human captives available for trade. The coast of modern Ghana became one of the chief ports of these trades that it was soon divided into the Gold and Slave Coasts. Dutch slave traders outdid the Portuguese in the 17th century, but they were replaced by the English.

In the s, this region provided 3, slaves annually. From Cape Three Points to the mouth of the Volta River, lays the Gold Coast where the Europeans maintained in the 18th century not less than a hundred trading posts and fortresses, the most impressive being the Cape Coast.

Get this from a library. Slaves and slave holders on the Gold Coast: towards an understanding of social bondage in West Africa. [Peter Haenger; J J Shaffer; Paul E Lovejoy].

The purpose of this book is to trace the evolution of Gold Coast nationalism from the foundation of the Ashanti Confederacy to the emergence of the Convention People's Party and after. It makes no pretence to be a detailed constitutional history of the Gold Coast.

One of the most famous castles in Ghana’s dark episode of slavery is the Cape Coast began as a trade lodge constructed by the Portuguese in on a part of the Gold Coast, which later became known as the Cape : Lilian Diarra.

It is important to mention, however, that the supply of slaves to the Gold Coast was entirely in African hands. Although powerful traditional chiefs, such as the rulers of Asante, Fante. European Cash Coasts of Africa, Foreign overseas traders and exporters solely according to the business and trade economies roughly divided Africa into four coasts; Pepper Coast, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast and the Slave Coast.

The Berlin Conference did not initiate European colonization of Africa. The Berlin Conference also known as the Congo Conference. Slaves were acquired from the inland of Gold Coast and were then put in chains, and maltreated till they got to the coast.

At the coast, these slaves were then sold to the European merchants for guns, mirrors, cloths, foreign alcoholic drinks, gold dust etc. Behn's Oroonoko, the Gold Coast, and Slavery in the Early-Modern Atlantic World Adam R.

Beach (bio) Critics of Aphra Behn's Oroonoko; or, The Royal Slave () have contended with the title character's role as both a slave owner and as an agent in the trans-Atlantic slave trade in a number of ways.

This led to trade in gold, ivory, slaves, and other goods with the Portuguese, which gave rise to kingdoms such as the Ashanti.


On the Englishman Thomas Bowdich entered Kumasi. He remained there for several months, was impressed, and on his return to England wrote a book, Mission from Cape Coast Castle to l: Kumasi. The Gold Coast is a novel detailing the life of John Sutter and his life over approximately one year.

Sutter is a resident of the North Shore of Long Island, or what is sometimes known as The Gold Coast, an area where the extremely wealthy have lived for many years.

The area is now in a decline for many different reasons. ‘The Gold Coast’ is a ‘Cold Ghost’ as a movie project.” Bregman, 85, was ordered earlier this month to pay back millions his former friends George S.


Slavery on the Gold Coast A retrospective experience at Elmina Castle in Cape Coast When traveling to Africa, it is inevitable and necessary to reflect on the continent’s slave history.

This weekend, my fellow study abroad students and I. Welcome to the Gold Coast, that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America.

Here two men are destined for an explosive collision: John Sutter, Wall Street lawyer, holding fast to a fading aristocratic legacy; and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don who seizes his piece of the. The infamous Gold and Slave Coasts of West Africa conjure up images of European brutality beyond belief that by now every student of Black History knows by rote.

- Through control of gold-producing regions and slaves, Asante remained dominant in the Gold Coast until the s.


In the Bight of Benin, the state of Benin was at the height of its power when Europeans arrived. The ruler for a long period controlled the trade with Europeans; slaves never were a primary commodity.

The Gold Coast had long been a name for the region used by Europeans because of the large gold resources found in the area. The slave trade was the principal exchange and major part of the economy for many years.

In this period, European nations began to explore and colonize the Americas. books on Gold Coast free copies (many of the books Capital: Cape Coast (–), Accra (–). Daughters of the Trade: Atlantic Slavers and Interracial Marriage on the Gold Coast by Ipsen, Pernille available in Trade Paperback onalso read synopsis and reviews.

Severine Brock's first language was Ga, yet it was not surprising when, inshe married Edward. To ensure regular supplies of slaves from the Gold Coast, the European powers adopted the method of instigating conflicts and wars among the various tribes.

In the ensuing confusion, able-bodied men, women and even children were captured chained or yoked together by the captors and marched to the slave market on the coast, to be sold to slave.Find books like Gold Coast from the world’s largest community of readers.

Goodreads members who liked Gold Coast also liked: Memory Man by David Baldacci.Slavery and Reform in West Africa: Toward Emancipation in Nineteenth Century Senegal and the Gold Coast, ISBNISBNBrand New, Free shipping in the US By comparing the strategies of colonial administrators, slave owners, and slaves across these two regions and throughout the nineteenth century, Slavery and Reform in West Africa reveals .